Pedofication is a political football with religious undertones, as the Abrahamic religions compete to “save” the children, while slandering the other religions.

PedoficationPolitics:  “Jewish professor convicted for marketing child porn”

On Friday, Ontario Judge Heather McArthur sentenced professor Benjamin Levin (University of Toronto) to three-year in prison for marketing child pornography.

Levin, according to Judge McArthur, “urged people he met online to sadistically sexually assault their children in his quest for sexual thrills.”

Levin, 63, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, making child pornography – a charge stemming from an explicit story he wrote – and counseling the indictable offence of sexual assault. He was originally charged with seven child porn-related offences.

In conversations he had online, Levin, to prove his point, claimed to have sexually abused his own three daughters when they’re child.

Among the people he chatted with were an undercover police officer in Toronto, one in London, Ont., and one in New Zealand – all posing as women interested in sexual activities with children.

In one case, Levin wrote a story detailing the violent sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl for an officer pretending to be a single woman interested in incest fantasies.

In another case, he counselled another officer posing as a young mother to sadistically sexually assault her eight-year-old daughter, McArthur said.

Levin, also served as deputy education minister in Ontario and Manitoba.

Several pro-Israel politicians and Levin’s academic friends penned letters to the court lauding his contributions to education.

Read court proceeding here from a blogger who seems to be present in the court.

As expected, there was no mention of Levin being a JEW or that Judaism condones sex with minors. Had the convict been a Muslim, I bet the Jewish Lobby would be marching in streets or protesting in front of a mosque in support of their ‘freedom of speech’ to insult Muslims.

Dr. Nathan Abrams, one of top Jewish historians, admitted: “Though Jews make up only two percent of American population, they dominate porn.”

Those Jews who enter porn industry have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream,” says America’s top salaried ($638,000 per year) Israeli propagandist, Abraham Foxman, head of Jewish lobby ADL.

Several Jewish and Christian scholars have claimed that the Organized Jewry promote pornography, same-sex marriage, drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities to destroy non-Jewish societies. Read here and here.

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It is worth noting that organized religion uses child pornography and pedophilia as a tool with which to slander and smear other religions, bt that particularly today, it is AIPAC/ADL/JF affiliated Jewish sects that derive the most cultural capital and  profit in the form of crisis PR dollars from the federal governments, NGO’s, and  it is a well oiled part of the MIC/DVIC collusion of Jewishchristian narrative control in the face of the world-wide migration of Islam, and Arabic peoples which has been caused by Jews and Christians exploiting (bombing, burning, obliterating) children in the Middle East.

Most importantly, this pedofication politics is most popular in America, which has been called “Babylon” by many artists, writers, social philosophers and more, and as such, pdofication apears to be limited to Abrahamic Babylonian Mystery religions, aka Jews, Catholics, Protestant or Evangelical Christians. Islamic culture is just learning the vakue of Pedo-Politics, and the other splinter cults, sects and religions that are descended from majoritarian Abrahamic  religion are more likely to be pedofied than to practice the PP.


Pedofication and racism, and tales of lurid sexual deviance are classic feminist fare.

Make no mistake- the politic of pedofication are part of a larger war that has real victims, and like all wars, substantial profits for some at the expense of others. As such it is part of the larger DVIC narratives, and a war waged against men by international bankers.

International feminism is the hand maiden of international bankers, “crushing the patriarchy” of one nation, while “uplifting the women and children”-and all of that while she is on her knees unzipping the fly of other patriarchs. As such, this form of feminism has at its heart the destruction of civilization as “we” know it, in order to “birth” other civilizations which they can then exploit in similar ways.

Does that seem like a harsh assessment, or anti-feminst? Then let’s look at how so-called feminism really isn’t what you think it is, and how it works to profit some while destroying others.

A good starting point to understand pedofication is in the contradiction of lurid sexual deviance being dangled in the press and public, and especially in the secret family courts that on one hand, can destroy male lives, and yet those who derive financial profit from lurid sex tales on the other hand has a historical and pervasive history as an industry.

But before we examine that connection fully, we must first ask a few important questions:

  1. why is female pedophilia downplayed in western societies?
  2. What forms of sexual deviance by women are taboo?
  3. What forms of female deviance are penalized anywhere nearly as harsh as the mere label of pedophile?
  4.  Is it even possible under the feminist rubric for women to even be deviant? The answer to this last question will prove quite interesting indeed.

The short answer to these questions is that the exact same groups that decry pedophiles, and use this label as a way to destroy or attempt to malign men, are themselves connected to similar groups who are actually slaving children, and using women as prostitutes. No more clear connection can be made than the case of Jeffrey Epstein, but there are other historical examples.

I will leave it t the reader to make the connections between which groups of people benefit and profit from both the sex trade, and also, the crisis PR industrial complex that derives billions per year from the federal government to cry about sex slavery.

Here are some links you can follow in order to make the connections:

Jewish women’s archive of White Slavery

Blond, Tall, with Honey-Colored Eyes: Jewish Ownership of Slaves in the Ottoman Empire

Jewish views on slavery

Irish Catholic propaganda about Arabic sex slavery of young girls

Science and why men seek to attract, have sex with, or otherwise impress young women






Case study of the politics of pedofication in action: Donald Trump, and Jeffrey Epstein case, and the careful timing of pedophile slander during the election of 2016

In order to understand what pedofication is and the social costs that are, or are potentially associated with the process, one need look no further than how the so-called “left” tried to vilify Donald Trump with allegations of pedophilia. So, in this case we can combine the word vilify with pedophilia and see the word breathed to life- or, pedofication in action.

To those who practice this form of slander, made into libel and defamation, pedofication is a powerful tool of social control, and financial and political gain. It doesn’t matter if the fact back up the claim, or if the claim is founded in proof-what matters is that the targeted person of the smear is harmed, and then, politically neutralized.

In the case of Donal Trump and the election of 2016, the politics of pedofication backfired on the crisis PR industry, the domestic violence industrial complex, and those others who derive profit from pedofication.

Then, conflating sex slavery with pedophilia is also a profitable narrative, as we have seen that while industries derive billions per year from creating these false correlations-and that those who work in these industries are often themselves pedophiles, or other sexual deviants.

Sex slavery lawsuit links Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to pedophile ring: report


Jeffrey Epstein (left, via YouTube screengrab) and President Donald Trump (right, via Creative Commons)

“Last fall’s allegations of sexual assault against President Donald Trump failed to stop his presidency, but one of the more explosive of those allegations is once again making headlines.

POLITICO reported that a new lawsuit reveals details linking Trump to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender. The reports indicate that one lawsuit contains information about Virginia Giuffre who alleges that she met Epstein while working as a towel girl at Mar-a-Lago when she was 15 before being recruited into “sexual slavery”.

Giuffre’s case is set to appear before a judge on May 15, and although her accusations against Epstein have been public for some time, this is the first time the detail about her employment at Mar-a-Lago has been included.

Last summer, the Trump-Epstein connection made headlines when Trump was slated to win the Republican nomination, and just before the election, a woman came forward alleging that Trump raped her when she was 13 at one of Epstein’s parties — only to drop suit a few days later.”


Lolita Express

Epstein’s black book


The Politics of Pedofication



No word or idea goes mainstream without a well-heeled public relations campaign: pedofication and Crisis PR manufacturing in the west

As we have seen in every recent election, anywhere in the west, the main stream media (MSM) is a whlly owned and controlled entity of the Deep State, which sets the agenda’s for the MIC, the  DVIC, and the PIC. But what is lesser known, is that media and its pundits are not practicing journalism, nor are they journalists by definition. What they are, in most cases, are subversive to the cause and function of the “fourth estate” because they are is in fact and practice, crisis PR agents, propagandists, and political pundits more than anything.

As such, we see time and time again that the DVIC is the tool of social control, and the media is merely its mockingbird. I use the term Mockingbird nt in a derogeratory sense, but in the sense that it has historically applied to journalism.

What is Operation Mockingbird?

Mocking bird was the proto-type of what we see today with government agency and military control of every communication channel. From Wikipedia (and the irony of quoting Wikipedia should not be lost on those who know that it-like all media-is heavily manipulated and controlled bythe CIA and other intelligence agencies)

Operation Mockingbird was allegedly a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that, beginning in the early 1950s, attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

According to writer Deborah Davis, Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and oversaw the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed after a 1967 Ramparts magazine article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA. In the 1970s Congressional investigations and reports also revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups. None of these reports, however, mentions an Operation Mockingbird controlling or supporting these activities.

A Project Mockingbird is mentioned in the CIA Family Jewels report, compiled in the mid-70s. According to the declassified version of the report released in 2007, Project Mockingbird involved wire-tapping of two American journalists for several months in the early 1960s.

So what has the crisis PR industry, and Mockingbird have to do with pedofication? The industry depends upon female pundits staying on point to “get the message out there” that men are pedophiles-an hat men from top-tier western nations should be kept on a short leash, lest they themselves become pedofied or otherwise demonized with one or another form of  false dichotomy or straw man argument.

Here are just a few

1)”What-do you beat your wife?”

2) Do you hate cops?

3)So you think children should have sex with adults?

4) SO you think women are asking for it?

5) So-you’re in favor of beating puppies?

…and so on.

Here, below from Australia, we see the Crisis PR industry attempting to do damage control, as citizens of western nations wake up to the fact that the crisis PR industryworks directly in sync with the police and security state, and that, encouraged b the MIC in ever growing budgets to solve problems that are not solvable, and that only get bigger-that there is s CRISIS everywhere you look.

Here is one example of the industry crying wolf about wolves it created. What- big bad pedophiles and wife beaters are picking on the lil’ ol’ helpless crisis PR industry??! This is why we must keep them away from “the children!!”

MOckingbirds in action: “Journalist” Anne Summers of AU takes a valiant stand for a trillions of dollars per year industry!

Bashing of ‘domestic violence industry’ beyond the pale

Anne Summers

  • Anne Summers

News Corporation columnist Bettina Arndt recently attacked what she called “the worldwide domestic violence industry” for what she portrayed as its wilful refusal to acknowledge women-initiated violence against men and for allegedly over-simplifying a complex issue.

Campaigning for change: Rosie Batty has been at the forefront of educating the community about family violence.Campaigning for change: Rosie Batty has been at the forefront of educating the community about family violence.  Photo: Eddie Jim

Arndt’s stablemate Miranda Devine likewise gets stuck into the people who are trying to reduce violence and assist those who are its victims.

In The Daily Telegraph last September, Devine attacked “the man-bashing femi-fascists who control the domestic violence industry” for daring to disagree with her assertion: “… the incontrovertible truth about domestic violence, that it is overwhelmingly concentrated in dysfunctional remote Indigenous communities and public housing estates.”

What is pedofication? What does it mean to be pedofied? Who benefits from the politics of pedofication?

Pedophiles are statistically rare, and most pedophiles work in government, policing, the church, or other places where children can be accessed and abused by “officials” with authority over children. And, most of those are facilitated by WOMEN in authority over children. So why do we fear strangers/homeless people/outsiders/non-official narrators? And especially, men without power, “official titles” or badges? The answer, is in the question!

Pedofication is a hidden form of social control that is used by individuals against other individuals, institutions, organizations and groups of well organized persons whereby a whisper campaign is waged behind a targets back in classic slander and defamation campaigns as the target is sabotaged by the hidden and malicious (non-true) gossip that they are a pedophile, or a danger to children. Pedofication as a process is also a convenient way for those with actual power and access to children to maintain their positions as deep cover, highly organized pedophiles through the creation of scapegoats and boogiemen.

The most common cases and complaints of pedofication come from men, generally of low social status who are targeted by law enforcement, church groups, family courts, and other institutions of power such as the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex(DVIC) or the closely related Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) which are the domestic forms of social control and industry that are the counterparts of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). However, the term is also frequently attached to gay men and  women, and occasionally though very rarely, to hetro-normative females, who are vastly under-reported even when they are actual pedophiles.

The politics of pedofication carries both financial profit and cultural capital to some, while robbing others of valuable intellectual, emotional, financial, and other actual resources. As a political term and cultural practice, it has gained the most currency and is most evident in what some would call the unholy alliance between the police state and the international feminists who are backed by international capital, aka the DVIC,  but recently, the right wing caught on and used these politics successfully in the #Pizzagate memetic of 2016.

Related Story: Why doesn’t anyone know how many actual pedophiles are on the sex offender registries? NOT collecting this data is big business forthe fear and hysteria industries. Of 747,408 “sex offenders, the most common estimate is somewhere around 30%. And even then- a big mystery! No statistics are collected anywhere about this “dire social issue.”


As a concept and as a term of social and cultural stigma, it can be said that those who apply the term profit directly from it’s use, while also deflecting attention away from their own character, while those to whom the term is applied can seldom, if ever repair their reputations, or recover their status in society. As such, being called a pedophile by those who have social power, or being called a pedophile in an official or semi-official record, and especially-being called a pedophile in a whisper campaign most frequently leads to stigma, and eventual social death.

Of those who admit to being pedofied, the most notable and early examples emerged during the 1980-90’s culture wars, and these reports emerged in family courts, frequently in heated custody disputes. This became-and remains in some states- a de facto way for women, and women’s organizations to gain, retain, or otherwise control the custody, the cultural capital, the moral upper hand, and the federal, local and father-derived monetary rewards and incentives that followed.

As a politic, and as a practice, pedofication emerged onto the national scene in America during, and after the election of George Herbert Walker Bush, in the for of the Franklin cover-up child abuse scandal, although leftists had first had some success with it in the elections of the Sandinista leader (Later, UK’s elections, in the American 2016 election, and many more examples across the globe.

Why are the politics of pedofication are popular, and why now?

During the Satanic Panic witch hunts of the 1980’s-90’s, the mixture of mystery religion and child abuse became an issue across America, as some vested interests sought out the “devil” in daycares, and elsewhere. Though soundly rebutted and rebuked as nearly fictitious manipulations by police and prosecutors, the politics of pedofication were in full swing, and remain so today. And quite interestingly, those who believe in the devil make up a majority of Americans today, despite science, an history proving that humans are themselves often devils, and the center of the earth a mass of molten metal, devoid of horned beasts.

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So, the politics of pedofication can be seen as a form of backlash, and an attempt by powerful mystery cults and religions who work within secular institutions to maintain a moral upper hand, while avoiding scrutiny themselves-that many who are pedofied are those who have contested church mythology or chalenged state structures, or those who challenge the power of mystery religions lock-up on the American cultural narrative; that frequently those who are targeted with these smear campaigns are not actual pedophiles, but in fact, are seen as a threat to narrative.

As we shall see herein, the term is profitable to institutional structures and those who derive income and profit from the above named industries, at great expense to others, particularly those who are slandered as pedophiles, and those who depend upon them as parents, family members, lovers, friends, and co-workers.

Perhaps the most profit is derived from the Catholic church and it’s closely related Jewish propaganda machine, as it has historically been the case that the church profits from children who are or who are made fatherless, as Roman Catholicism has a long and interesting history with Jewish slave traders, and Catholic and Jewish pedophiles are a well known social issue, but all other churches that descend from or that were derived from Babylonian precepts are also known to have a pedophile problem.

However, the Jewish and Catholic historical alliances and competition for human resources- the use of people as a form of capital-has come to a head in modern times, as we see the Supreme court of the US is comprised of 3 Jews and 6 Catholics (Neil Gorsuch replaced Antonin Scalia-and Gorsuch was raised Catholic, though currently worships in an Episcopal church), deciding the fate of America and its eroded Constitution, but also setting the agenda with what is or will become topical in law. .

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The term is also most frequently noted in law enforcement circles, community watch and volunteer groups and others who derive profit or livelihood from what is called “community policing”; and within the PIC,  and in street parlance among those labelled and those who are targeted with such labels.

Among the most dangerous words or labels that western societies use to apply stigma to individuals, no other term currently carries more stigma, as those who are actual pedophiles are targets of complete and total ostracization from society, frequently the targets of extra-judicial harassment, violence, and un-Constitutional practices.

Most notably, the term pedophile is not the same as the term sex offender in that sex offenders range from actual rapists and child molesters to those who merely got caught peeing in a public park, or 18 year olds who had sex with 17 year olds in a state with out-dated or Draconian laws. However, through conflation and ignorance, or repressed tendencies, many are unable to separate the terms. Having the facts about the difference makes a difference.

Pedofication research starting points:

Scapegoats and shunning:

Pariahs among us:

Sex offender laws in the 21st century- Stringent sex offender laws in the United States destroy lives and do little to mitigate repeat offences.


Roger N. Lancaster is a professor of anthropology and director of the cultural studies program at George Mason University, and the author of “Sex Panic and the Punitive State.”


The Prison Industrial Complex:

Google search for “Trump is a pedophile” returns just a little more than 3 million rults.